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Selection Procedure

We have kept the selection procedure absolutely simple for your utmost convenience.

By following four simple steps you get the chance to travel the world for free as described below:


Submit Application

Visit our website and click on Apply Now. Fill out some basic details and apply for the program to become a part of our next dream trip in May - June.


No documents or formalities only some basic details like name, email id, etc and the registration fee.


Personality Test

Don’t worry! A personality test is a simple psychological test that has questions to assess your character. There are no right or wrong answers.


We just want to assess your personality type. As we would want to choose 5 people of 5 different personality types as described here:

Never-Travelled: People who haven’t ever travelled.
Introvert: People who are internalized and who feel more than they speak.
Influencer: People who can influence others either through their talent or personality.
Explorer: People who love exploring, trying new things and are uninhibited.
Team player: People who can bind the team and make them work together as one unit.

This has been done so that we get an amalgamated diverse experience from the trip which can make the content even more interesting.


Profile Selection

Profiles will be selected based on each personality type.


So you will be competing with people having your same personality traits! So don’t be tensed, you don’t need to have any specific expertise to get selected.


All applications will be reviewed by our team, and the best candidates matching our requirements (Fun-loving, adventurous, wander lusted, independent, and flexible, etc) will be selected.


Video Interview

The selected profiles will be interviewed through online video conferencing to know the candidates personally. We will want to ensure that they you are equally excited and ready for going on this trip with us.


Do you need tips for the interview? Bring your best casual self and your real personality. There is no need for any expertise or preparation from your end.

Become a Globetrotter!

Selected people will be notified with the heartiest wishes along with a formal letter.

Tickets, visa and accommodation documents will also be shared accordingly along with precise schedule, itinerary and directions if any.

Who can get selected?

Find your personality type, by answering the questions below for each profile type.

It doesn’t matter from which country, city or town you belong.

We will select 5 people of contrasting yet complementing personalities who can create synergy which is mind-blowing.


Are you excited to discover new places and a new world for the first time?


Do you talk less but observe and experience more than just what you see?


Have you always influenced other people’s life through your talents or nature?


Do you like exploring various facets of life, cultures, people, etc while traveling?

Team player

Do you actively resolve conflicts in a team by gaining trust of everyone around?

Win A Free Trip

Let’s make travel a passion.

So tickle your wanderlust, and join us on this mind-blowing journey of unforgettable experiences.

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